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About HAC

Almost 40 years ago, community leaders and activists created an idea and an organization. Today, that idea and organization, Highbridge Advisory Council Family Services Inc. (“HAC”), successfully serves the children and grandchildren of some of our original children as well as a large and highly diverse group of other children from the greater Highbridge neighborhoods of Bronx, New York.

Whether it’s the children who are our legacies, other children from our community, or children who have recently come to our country and community, our HAC team, is positively impacting their lives and the lives of their families. We are committed to the safety and healthy development of the children we serve. And, we are especially concerned with these children's readiness to achieve and empowerment.

Today we serve approximately 1,400 children at nine (9) major sites. These children participate in a range of services and programs including early intervention for infants and toddlers, child care, special education, universal pre-kindergarten, family day care, after-school/ out-school-time, and others. Over the years, our programs have served well over 20,000 children.

We strongly recognize that our consumers are very diverse. Therefore, we are sensitive to this diversity and many HAC staff members are bilingual and able to address the needs of our non-native and non-English speaking children, parents, and families.

HAC is a not-for-profit (501(3)(c)) community based organization that has increasingly strengthened its position as the largest community sponsored early childhood education organization in the Bronx with a budget close to $17 million dollars. While we are a non-profit organization, we strongly recognize that without sound experienced professionally trained administrative and operational expertise and sound business practices, we cannot successfully carry out our mission.

Our history is our foundation. And, today we embrace “best” education, program development, administrative, and business practices to serve our communities and their residents who have diverse, challenging, complex, and multiple needs. HAC is a dynamic and productive organization.

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