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Our Leadership Team

HAC ’s Board of Directors and management team are successfully leading our organization to best address the needs of our consumers and maintain and grow an organization that is an integral and important part of the Highbridge and greater New York City education and social service communities. In this regard, there is a commitment to strategic growth while successfully maintaining, integrating, and/or enhancing the overall purpose and vision of HAC.

Our senior leadership, including the HAC Board of Directors, management team, and site/program Directors, has impressive credentials and experience to successfully carry out the organization’s vision and mission. This vision and mission requires that our leadership be “child and family-centered”.

The HAC Board of Directors: The HAC Board is a dynamic group addressing a range of policy and strategic visions. Credentials, community involvement, expertise, commitment to excellence, and other characteristics have allowed the Board to be an effective resource for the maintenance and strengthening of the HAC organization. Commitment reflects this powerful group of men and women. What also describes the HAC Board is knowledge, experience, and diversity. HAC’s Board members include:

    • Sharon A.M. Aarons - Board Chairperson
    • Alexander W. Hunter, Jr. - Vice-Chairperson
    • Ronald Benjamin - Treasurer
    • Kathy Mays - Secretary
    • Kenneth G. Agosto - Member
    • Zoe Bogan - Member
    • Daniel Figueroa III, Esq. - Member
    • Dennis Terry - Member

The HAC Management Team: The HAC management team has a long history with our organization and/or other early childhood education programs. While our tenure with HAC is long, we are committed to staying current, implementing best practices, and ensuring sound education and business practices. The management team is working in concert with New York City and New York State government entities to best capture maximum resources for the Highbridge consumers’ served by the organization. Furthermore, the management team is connected to a variety of other community resources in New York City and national organizations that enhance our program and service components. This includes institutions of higher education, national child groups such as NAEYC, and Head Start. HAC’s management team includes:

    • James W. Nathaniel, CEO
    • Pearl Thompson, Director of Special Education Programs
    • Sherry Frazier, Human Resources Manager

The HAC Site/Program Directors: Ultimately the Board of Directors and the management team’s efforts are directed at best resourcing and empowering our program and service sites. These service and program sites are where our consumers count on us to implement programming that best meets their needs. These sites require strong and active leadership and opens up a sense of possibility to the children and families we serve. It is these consumers that rely on our programs and services for their hopes of a better future. To ensure this future strong “hands-on” leadership is required. This characterizes our HAC site/program Directors.

Essentially this component of HAC’s leadership integrates our wonderful staff of early childhood educators, special education teachers, social workers, classroom assistants and aides, family day care providers, food service staff, custodial staff, other types of staff, and our parents. They make our programs and services of excellence come together.

HAC Staff: Reality is that for programs to best work, all staff must contribute and be part of the leadership process. This is our goal at HAC and a reality. For example, Yvette Hernandez is just one of the 350 HAC employees exemplifying this goal and reality.

Our Parents: HAC is committed to a system of services which must include active parent involvement. A system of service requires parents to be part of the leadership and decision making team. Denise Outlaw is just one example of the many parents exemplifying this goal and reality.

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